Building Hulacorn in public update

We aim to help how engineers can get better at creating software.


The process of creating software can be complex. There are many moving parts. In 20+ years of working, I have observed that engineers sometimes live in a system where many constraints, requirements and ways of working are unrelated to coding and building products. My favourite is the “estimation game”, where you spend hours and weeks guessing when something will be done through various ceremonies. There are many articles on why this approach of guessing when a feature will be in production does not work.

Many of our ideas on are focused on helping engineers have a better time at work. We are running an experiment on this site where folks can vote for their problems.
We received 172 votes across all our ideas in the last three months.

Hulacorn Votes


In the top-voted problem, people wanted to stop estimating features and manage one-to-one with their staff. We flipped a coin on which one to try and solve first. We have decided to solve the problem of calculating when the software will be in production without using estimates.


We will continue building in public, sharing what we learn.
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